The North Pole Mail® office is now closed and will reopen in October for the 2022 festive season.


Beautiful quality, personalised letters from Santa Claus

Give your loved ones a beautiful keepsake this Christmas, a North Pole Mail® letter direct from the desk of Santa Claus himself! Each individually crafted letter that leaves our workshop is assembled and finished by hand.

Alongside your official North Pole Mail® letter you can also choose to include a gorgeous Nice List Pin, or Santa's Magic Key - a special way to help him get into a home without a chimney. 

Delivery only available in New Zealand in 2022.

A Letter From Santa

Santa's Magic Key

Nice List Pin

"Believe" Sleigh Bell

There's something special about receiving a personal letter from Santa Claus at Christmas time.

Imagine if a beautiful, 'authentic' letter, was delivered to your letterbox and sealed with Santa's red wax Monogram "S". When your child opens it, Santa Claus seems to know all about them and answers that important question on every child's mind at Christmas... "Naughty or Nice?"

With your help Santa can include lots of details in this special letter. Personalisation includes things such as name, age, friends, family, what the child is hoping to receive or have asked Santa Claus for, as well as any special achievements or milestones they have reached.

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