Letter orders for the 2023 festive season open on 1 November.

Gift one of our beautiful letters from Santa!

Brought to you with the help of officially appointed elves and Santa himself, all of Santa’s letters are lovingly created and hand finished in New Zealand. The attention to detail that goes in to creating each letter gives them that extra bit of magic that makes them feel authentic. Our fully personalised Deluxe Santa Letter arrives in your letterbox in a beautiful envelope, sealed with Santa’s monogrammed wax seal. Upon opening you’ll find your personalised letter, wrapped in a beautiful red and gold-foiled band.
You can gift a lovingly created North Pole Mail® Letter from Santa for $12.50. 

Don't leave your order until the last minute as stocks are limited.
In Australia? Orders close on Friday, 17 November 2023.
In New Zealand? Orders close on Sunday, 3 December 2023.
Stock is limited! Order early to ensure your letter arrives in plenty of time for Christmas, and so that the excitement can start to build. 

"The most magical messages for our 2 boys brought heartfelt joy" - Janette



Personalisation adds the magic

Our North Pole Mail® letters are personalised by you. Not only can Santa include details of the child’s name and age, he can also mention things such as where the child will be spending Christmas, special achievements this year, and the gifts the child may be hoping to receive. Alongside this you select the narrative filling them in on the latest news from the North Pole. This means children in the same home can receive different letters, adding to the mystery and magic.

"These are the most beautiful Santa letters the kids have received" - LaTisha

Hand-finished with attention to detail

We believe it’s the extra, special touches that make North Pole Mail® unique.

All of our letters come hand sealed with a beautiful real wax seal, adding to the authenticity and creating a luxurious finish that would make the Big Man himself proud.

Our personalised Deluxe Santa Letter arrives wrapped in a beautiful red band foiled with gold and sealed with Santa’s monogrammed wax seal. 

Official Nice List Pin

Do you know someone who has been particularly fabulous and jolly this year?  Why not send them The Official Nice List Pin. It’s a special award given by The North Pole Naughty & Nice Department given only to those with good behaviour.

The Nice List Pins are gold plated and year dated meaning they make a wonderful keepsake and collectable.

*Please note: Nice List pins and keys are only available to add to New Zealand orders in 2023.

Santa's Magic Key 

Not every home has a chimney. If this is the case what will happen when Santa flies to your home in a sleigh laden with presents and lands on your rooftop with no chimney to go down?

With a little bit of magic this key allows Santa to deliver presents to your house, even if you don’t have a chimney.

Why not make Santa’s Magic Key part of your annual Christmas tradition?

*Please note: Nice List pins and keys are only available to add to New Zealand orders in 2023.

Give your loved ones a beautiful keepsake this Christmas, a North Pole Mail® letter direct from the desk of Santa Claus himself! 
Each individually crafted letter that leaves our workshop is assembled and finished by hand.

"Thoroughly impressed! Down to the last detail was just perfect" - Lisa